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Sterling Brunch

Housed in the Steak House at Bally’s Resort and Casio is one of the most opulent buffets Las Vegas has to offer. The décor harkens back to old Vegas, with polished marble floors, a crystal chandelier, striped wallpaper, and white linen-covered tables. Dishes such as lobster, crab legs, caviar, and filet mignon are readily available at the buffet, as are a high end sushi bar, a dessert station featuring gold leafed confections, and a carving station with rack of lamb and prime rib. But these are only the tip of the buffet iceberg. Servers dressed in black tie, formal attire serve Perrier-Jouët Champagne, mimosas, and Bloody Marys to every patron's content. Only available on Sundays, from 9:30 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. The Sterling Brunch costs $85.00 per person. The Sterling Brunch is available by reservation only, so book a table in advance!

Bally's Sterling Brunch

After a long drive and fast check-in at my hotel, I am hustling to make my way through the Bally’s casino floor towards Bally’s Steakhouse. The Sterling Brunch is held here every Sunday. It’s a bit late, and my 1:30 p.m. reservation is the final seating for the day. All it takes is one step inside the restaurant, and it instantly becomes clear why this is considered one of the premier buffets in Las Vegas.

An ornate and elaborate chandelier hangs over a mirror polished marble floor, surrounded by walls with crème and forest green vertical stripes. The walls are adorned with black and white photos depicting various members of the Rat Pack at play. Overall, the setting is quite casual, as is the dress code.

In contrast, the wait staff is dressed in formal attire, with dark burgundy jackets and bowties over bright white button-up shirts, tucked into black slacks. Although I am offered Champagne, bloody Mary, or mimosa, I decide to order water and coffee.

An initial run through the buffet reveals only the finest items are on display. Crab legs, lobster tails, made-to-order sushi, and a carving station featuring prime rib and rack of lamb are just the beginning. Soups include lobster bisque and clam chowder, and there even lobster raviolis. The dessert station features fresh made crepes as well as pleanty of pastries and a separate crème brûlée station.

My first plate is protein heavy with a couple of bones of the rack of lamb, garnished with a mint demi-glaze and mint jelly. I also select a fresh slice of prime rib with fresh horseradish, and a medallion of filet mignon.

I arrive at my table to find a cup of coffee and a clean glass full of ice water. The coffee is nice and smooth. It is hot, but not piping, and the porcelain cup and saucer add a touch of class to the presentation.

The rack of lamb is perfection. I have been eating lamb since I was a child; it is a weekly thing at my house, and I can say, this rack is as good as it gets. The meat, cooked medium rare, is rich and complex. The mint jelly is top notch, as is the mint demi-glaze I have drizzled over the top of the lamb.

The prime rib is a bit over cooked for my taste. I am a medium rare kind of guy, and this piece is prepared medium well. The quality of the meat is superb, and the rich beefy flavor shines through. The fresh horseradish packs a strong “umph!” that clears my head immediately. I have just taken a nice mouthful of horseradish when my server comes to check on me. “The horseradish is pretty fresh!” I exclaim through watery eyes. “Sure packs a punch!” my waiter adds with a smile.

The filet mignon is also prepared medium well. However, like the prime rib, the tender cut is exactly what fans of filet look for. The tenderness of the top-shelf beef shines through despite the medium well texture.

After all that meat, I am in the mood for something sweet. I make my way to the crepe station, where the kind woman making the treats offers the choice between a bananas foster or a berry madness crepe. I choose bananas foster, and she asks if I would like to add rum to the recipe. I am no fool when it comes to rum in a banana dessert, so I say, “you better believe it!” to which she smiles and replies, “it does make it better.”

I watch as she expertly pours the batter into a pan. She flips the delicate crepe at just the right moment, adding the bananas, sauce, and rum to the pan then letting it all cook together. I am also offered chocolate sauce and fresh whipped crème; I go for that as well. With my steaming bananas foster crepe on my plate, I move over to the pastry station and grab a trio of the first three things to catch my eye.

I arrive back at my table my server has refolded my napkin and replaced my coffee with not just a fresh pour, but a fresh cup and saucer as well. Now that is service. The bananas foster crepe turns out to be one of the finest dessert crepes I have ever had. The sweet sauce, bananas, and rum, topped with a chocolate sauce and smooth whipped crème is every bit as good as it sounds.

My three pastries all turn out to be winners as well. The first is similar to a doughnut hole, stuffed with some kind of nutty filling and dipped in simple syrup. Sweet, nutty, spongy cake, it is simply fantastic. Next is a caramel covered crème puff, where the caramel covering is crispy, like a hard candy. The pairing of contrasting textures adds to the enjoyment of this dish, as the hard caramel melts to smooth sweetness, and the cream puff base is smooth and, well, puffy. The last pastry is a fancy chocolatier’s creation, with a nutty filling. The presentation is wonderful; dark chocolate and nuts is always a winning combination. A classic duo restyled.

One might think that my sweet tooth is satiated after all of that, but there is just something about this day; I just can’t seem to have enough. On my third visit to the buffet, I head directly to the crème brûlée table. The offerings include classic, mocha, chocolate, and pistachio. I have a hard time bypassing pistachio anything, so rather than take the safe route and grab a standard; I decide to take a chance and try the pistachio. I also head over to the fruit bar and plate some pineapple, honey dew, papaya, and mango.

I return to find my napkin folded and my coffee replaced with a fresh cup again. I take a taste of the pistachio crème brûlée and I am pleased with my choice. It tastes like an expertly made crème brûlée, with a touch of pistachio flavor. The nutty tone is just enough, and the rich texture and crispy sugar crust all blend together to culminate a great ending to a meal. After I have consumed half of the dessert, I take a break and try the fruit I’ve grabbed. Unfortunately, there are more misses than hits when it comes to the fruit and melon. The pineapple looks good, but does not burst with flavor. The honeydew is good however, and has a nice, slightly soft texture and flavor. The papaya and mango both fail to meet any general standard of quality, fully-ripened fruit. It is nice that they offer these two exotic options, but it would be even better if the fruit tasted fresh.

As I finish off my crème brûlée, I notice an abundance of vanilla bean flecks in the bottom of the ramekin. My love of vanilla is unrivaled, so it is no wonder why I enjoy this dish so much. With fresh vanilla, it is difficult not to win my approval.

My server returns to check on me. It is clear that the buffet is winding down for the day, but no pressure is put on me to leave. In fact, I get the impression that the staff would gladly wait hours until the last guest decides to leave. This is clear from the booth next to me, which seats a well-to-do older couple. They clearly have a good repertoire with their server, who knows them by name. They were seated as I arrived, and now, as I assemble myself to leave, they are still enjoying their relaxing Sunday brunch.

I make my way out of my booth, and the server, who has been more than attentive, asks me how my meal was. I reply that it was fantastic, as was his service, and he wishes me a good day with a smile. Every staff member I encounter on my way out does the same, and it’s clear that the service at the Sterling Brunch is taken just a seriously as the high-end culinary offerings. Guests are not just paying for lobster and caviar, since the support of the staff is just as luxurious.

I snap a few pictures of the gleaming waiting area on my way out, and the hostess asks if there is anything she can do before I leave. I thank her for her assistance, but let her know that I am more than okay, and I thank her for the fine meal and great service. The staff simply made sure I had the best experience possible. With the mindful service and decadent cuisine, it is safe to say, the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s Resort and Casino is a great way to kick off anyone’s trip to Las Vegas.

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas NV 89109
  • Cross Street: Flamingo Road
  • Location: Las Vegas Strip |
  • Cuisine: American |
  • Cost: $$$$ | Expensive | $75 - $100
  • Category: Buffet/All-You-Can-Eat
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Required
  • Dress Code: Casual Elegant
  • Meals Served: Brunch |
  • Parking: Private Lot | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover | Diners Club |
  • Corkage Fee: Not allowed.
  • Phone: (702) 862-5138

Business Hours

Main Dining Room | Brunch 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


  • Hotel Dining
  • Sunday Brunch
  • All You Can Eat
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Wheelchair Access


  • Romantic Dining
  • Dining Alone
  • Quiet Conversation
  • Special Occasion


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Sterling Brunch is only open on Sundays for brunch, from 9:30am-2:30pm.
Yes, all servers wear white gloves at Sterling Brunch, for the White Glove Brunch.


Buffet Selections ($85.00)

  per person. Available on Sundays from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Price includes unlimited champagne. Tax and gratuity are extra.


From The Carving Station

From The Guerridon




Restaurant Address: 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas NV 89109

User Reviews

Superb lunch!  

This was a fantastic experience. We will definately book it again when we return to Las Vegas.

Best brunch in Las Vegas  

I had high expectations when I arrived at the Sterling Brunch and I was not disappointed! The selection of food items was outstanding and the service was equal. Although the cost of the brunch is a little high, it is well worth it.

Great Food and Service  

Very Nice, Great Staff, Would go again

Brunch in Las Vegas  

I was delighted by the attention to detail and the prompt and courteous service provided by the entire staff. These individuals truly made me feel welcome. We had reservations and were promtly seated but I still had time to enjoy a glass of the bubbly before being seated. Our waiter was very pleasant and courteous, he quickly arranged everything so that my wife and I could have a cozy mothers day celebration. Although we had previewed the menu, nothing prepared us for the sumptuous display of items. Many were things we had not tried before and all were absoutely delicious. Yet another example of the dedicated staff members. My glass was never empty and when I went to select additional items I would return to a fresh napkin and a perfect arrangement. I had reviewed this restaurant on the internet and it was rated number one. After my experience, I have no doubt. It was a memorable experience. One that I will remember for years to come.

My Birthday Celebration at  

Everything!!! This is a foodie's delight! Celebrated my birthday there on May 9, 2010 with my sister and bff. Our reservation was at 10am and they pulled me out of there at 2pm. Variety: select items replenished continously, fresh, hot or cold as necessary. We were there for the seafood, meat, champagne and desserts and were NOT disappointed! Presentation: classic presentation, white serving platters showcase the food, the Effile Tower dark chocolate suckers...to die for! Taste: delicious, plate after plate of deliciousness. Couldn't get away from the shrimp, crab legs, caviar, beef tenderloin and lobster. Server: Alex, introduced us to "Caviar 101" and we are addicted! He also poured champagne and coffee effortlessly! He was part of a wonderful experience! Cost: If you think the $85 + tip is too expensive - try another buffet, this one isn't for you. This is a lesiurely experience not one where you pile everything on one plate and are out the door in 30 minutes. Photos: snapped the entire experience, beautiful food makes for beautiful photos! Overall: We had a food experience that was delicious, memorable, fablous and quite frankly....perfect in every way! Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Outstanding Brunch!  

I believe it was a bit over priced but the food was truly outstanding. It was worth the splurge. I would have it again if my wallet allowed it :)


The best Champagne Brunch in Vegas!!!

Best Brunch Ever!!!  

If you come to Vegas you have to go to the Sterling Brunch. Plan to spend hours there grazing and visitng with friends, family and other various people enjoying brunch. Everyone was so friendly (perhaps it was the flowing champagne). If our waiter overheard my friends and I discussing something we liked on the buffet, he went out of his way to bring us a whole plate; even dressed the oysters for us! I don't think I'll ever be able to visit Vegas again without attending this Brunch. It was absolutely the highlight of my week.

Sterling Brunch in Bally's  

On sunday the Sterling brunch is excellent :great food and nice waiters

Best Brunch Ever  

We have been coming to Las Vegas for 30 years and go to the top rated buffets each time. This is the first time we were there on a Sunday morning so we decided to try Bally's Sterling Brunch. It was by far the best brunch we have ever experienced both in terms of service and food quality. The price is high but it is well worth it. Glad we do not live in Las Vegas or we go there as often as possible. The food looked so good you did not know were to start. Leave room for desserts they too are outstanding.

Sterling Brunch  

This brunch is fantastic, our service, the food and champagne (glasses always full!) was great - everyone should go to the Sterling Brunch - worth every dollar!


This has been the best buffet experience in Vegas. We have tried many of the upscale buffets (which have gone downhill at this time) and have been the happiest with this one. You will leave feeling very pampered and stuffed with wonderful food and champagne.

Real Treat  

The best brunch ever. The price appears spendy, but the food quality and superior service makes it worth the price.

Outstanding as usual  

The S.S. brunch was as usual the best brunch in Las Vegas hands down. Our waiter was a little chatty but the service was excellent. All in all another wonderful experience.

Exceptional - the best  

Sterling brunch appears expensive - not so. Unlimited French Champagne, L

Exceptional - the best  

Sterling brunch appears expensive - not so. Unlimited French Champagne, Lobster, Caviar, Steak - whatever you desire, you have it all here. It is the best meal I habve has in Las

Exceptional - the best  

Sterling brunch appears expensive - not so. Unlimited French Champagne, Lobster, Caviar, Steak - whatever you desire, you have it all here. It is the best meal I have has in Las Vegas by far. Beats all MGM restaurants by far, Eiffel Tower N9ne etc......everyone will love this!!

Sterling food and service!  

At $85 a person, it's a pretty steep price to pay for a Las Vegas buffet - however, the quality and range of items was terrific and the service was both attentive and friendly.

Vintage Vegas - GREAT buffet & Champagne  

Wonderfull experiance, good food, nice waiters & good Champagne ( real French, Perriet Jouet Champagne ) Try it!! Only thing is the very low dress standard - they let anyone in! But dress up anyway, we did and we looked GOOD!

Best brunch in Las Vegas  

The service is great as well as the food and champagne. I go every time I go to Las Vegas.

Sterling Brunch  

Fantastic, absolutely FANTASTIC, This is one meal that I think everyone traveling to Las Vegas should do..Business or Pleasure... This Meal was the BEST that I have ever eaten. Service was SUPURB. Our waiter, Vincent was very attentative, courtious, and by himself made this meat memorable. Food was magnificant..Lobster, Caviar, Lamb, Crab, Champagne and so much more, all you could eat and drink. This is one brunch that I will remember as long as I live. And I will deffinately go back on my next trip.


The Sterling Brunch at Bally's is a pricey indulgence well-worth a periodic splurge. The food is wonderful, plentiful and fresh. The Perrier Jouet champagne is many clicks above the usual champagne served at brunch. The very friendly, professional wait staff keep your glass full and empty plates are wisked away promptly. Try to sit in the main dining room as the additional room seems quite bare and sterile. All in all, the biggest drawback is the very real danger of getting so spoiled by the food and champagne you won't want to go anywhere else.

Sterling Brunch  

Do not miss this wonderful experience....the food is fabulous and they treat you like royalty.

Great Brunch  

We were impressed by the variety and quality of the food presented during our brunch. It was definitely head and shoulders above others on the strip. Don't judge it by the price. Go and give it a try. You will see.

Great Food !!  

Third time at Sterling Brunch and the Food was TOP Quality !! Price in line with food quality. However this is the First time our waiter was absent most of the time.

Sterling Brunch a perfect way to start Sunday  

Be prepared for an excellent brunch.The food presentation, quality, and selection are second to none. Grilled lobster tail, Filet Migeon,Lamb, Sea bass,deserts, deserts, deserts etc etc etc. Great Ambiance in a non rushed environment.A true 5 star experience. Our wait staff was slow an unattentive thus the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Sterling Brunch  

The desserts were amazing! There weren't many from which to choose, but what was available was delicious. The champagne was too dry, and the coffee was ruined a few times by sour half-n-half, so I switched to black tea with milk. After having the Bellagio buffet and the Wynn buffet, I admit the Sterling Buffet was far superior but there should have been more items from which to choose on the menu. Also the caviar should have popped more than it did.

Sterling Buffet  

Enjoyed it a lot. Great food and lots of it.

Sterling Brunch  

We had a wonderful waiter and the champagne poured continuously. Take a few hours to really enjoy the brunch.

N°1 Brunch in LV  

Excellent and quality food. Like Perrier Jouet champagne refill and caviar.



Awesome selections  

Our first visit to the Sterling Brunch at Bally's (Steak House)Sunday Brunch was a great experience. We tried a few things we'd never had before, raw oysters, caviar, rack of lamb... All were great experiences. The staff was very well mannered in their training. Who doesn't love that experience. The desserts were wonderful, at least, what we tried and had room left for. We would definatley recommend this brunch to anyone who doesn't mind paying that little extra for the awesome selections provided. Two content, customers who shall come back if ever in Vegas again on a Sunday.

Very enjoyable feast!  

We loved the Sterling Buffet at Bally's. Having eaten at many other buffets in Las Vegas, this came out very well in terms of the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the service. Definitely better than the Bellagio which up till then was our front runner. All the food we tried was of a very high quality, notably the prime rib and the lobster tail. The lamb chops were excellent as was the smoked salmon. Despite the restaurant being packed, we rarely had to queue at any of the stations. This is not the most intimate restaurant and the lighting was bright and we were very aware of the large number of tables and diners, but overall this did not affect the quality of the food or the attentiveness of our waiter. It is expensive but it is also worth it, and we would go again.

Best Brunch Ever???  

The service was outstanding but the food did not meet our expectations. The Lobster was overcooked and the beef filet was dry.


The wait staff was marvelous. The only complaint I have were that some of the lobster tails were mushy. perhaps because they were in the warmer too long. The crab legs were not an easy task to open and once they were opened (with a bit of a tassle) there were shell fragments all over the place.

Sterling Brunch  

Second time we went. Would we do it again, definately.


Food was average but service was good. Seafood was not as high quality as expected, red meats were ok.

Sterling Brunch good but not a muct when in Vegas  

The service was very good. The selection was small but mostly good. The rack of lamb was cooked nicely at med. rare. Caviar was a nice touch, although the garnish for it was sparse. Our reservations were at noon and the sushi was all gone. Lobster was over cooked, beef fillet was well done and dry.

Sterling Brunch.  

I don't really car for buffets but I heard this one was really good. I was a little disappointed.

Great buffet but not worth the price  

Drop the price to 50-60 a head and I would be worth it. $85 with a players card was steep. I went in there with an open mind and although I did enjoy myself, it was definitely not worth 100+ for a party f two.

Sterling Brunch  

A good value if you love seafood and champagne. Bit expensive if you don't though. Could have a larger variety of dishes. The fruit was very fresh and very good. Loved the raspberry sauce on the belgian waffles.

A poor Sunday Brunch experience  

We made the mistake of booking Sunday brunch for 1.30pm, thinking this was ok as bookings were taken to 2.30pm. Big mistake. By 2.15pm, even though it was Easter Sunday they started clearing away, and food options were noticeably poorer. As a result our first 2 courses were good and then it was all downhill. If they want to continue their early clearance practice this should be made clear in their booking information. This is an expensive buffet and it was not value for money on the day.

Sterling Needs Help  

they advertised maine grilled lobsters in the photos but the lobster was overcooked non-Maine lobster tails. They remainder of the buffet of cooked food especially the oysters were overcooked. They should fly in Maine lobsters like some of the small non-Caif. casinos and serve them steamed and definitely grilled because no one does this in Las Vegas at a buffet. Everyone will come for that at any price.

Not Worth $85  

I had high expectations for a brunch that charged $85, poured high-end champagne and served caviar but they weren't met. The service and champagne was excellent, but the caviar was mediocre (especially after seeing they scoop it out of a large plastic tub) and the rest of the food was no better, and perhaps a bit worse, than what you get at the brunch buffets at the major hotels on the strip. The food presentation did not impress, many of the dished suffered from being out too long under the lights, the sushi selection was limited. Disappointing and overpriced.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  

The good was the quality and variety of the food. From the breakfast omlet, to the lobster, to the prime beef, to the desert bar, the quality and flavorfulness of the meal was excellent. The Bad was the wait in line when I had a reservations. The ugly was the service. The wait staff was impersonal and the kitchen staff could not keep up with the food demand.

Terrible, Waste of Money  

We were very excited about going to the Sterling Brunch because of the rave reviews and the fact that a couple days before we went to Bellagio, which was excellent. So we though Sterling would top them. Boy were we wrong. Meat was not good at all. The service was awful. The selection was limited. Some enterees tasted SO BAD. Sushi was old. I could not believe we were going to end up paying 200 for a meal and experience that wasn't worth a fraction of that.

Great service VERY sub par food!  

Not what was advertised! Very disappointing! Service was great though!

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