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André's at the Monte Carlo

(This restaurant is PERMANENTLY closed ) Having accomplished being the most honored and awarded restaurant in Las Vegas is no small feat. But such are the accolades given to Andre’s inside the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel—the AAA Four-Diamond home of contemporary French cuisine inspired by renowned Celebrity Chef André Rochat. Old World charm is married with contemporary sophistication in the Andre’s multiple dining and lounge spaces, where lavish fabrics and intricate design details complement a menu that is similarly opulent. Savor the flavorful results of Chef Rochat’s personal touch in the main dining room that showcases the alluring juxtaposition of “French Blue” and charcoal grey tones, or take a seat in the sleek lounge with a choice cigar and cognac pairing. At Andre’s, your meal becomes an evening event.

Andre's: Vive la France -- With a Sexy Vegas Twist

With the renowned Urbane Design Associates responsible for the dazzling yet charming aesthetics, entering Andre’s contemporary French restaurant is the beginning of a foray into the opulent. Nestled in its comfortable nook amidst a row of varying fine dining choices at the Monte Carlo Resort of Las Vegas, Andre’s lays claim to the reputation for being one of the most honored and awarded restaurants in the city, from its multiple AAA and Four-Diamond ratings to its delectable menu inspired by “the first Las Vegas celebrity chef” Andre Rochat. The intimate main dining room of Andre’s is seductively complemented by three impressive private areas, an intimate cigar and cognac lounge, and variations of classic French creations from chef de cuisine Gary FX LaMorte. 

What’s more, beyond the dizzying array of cognacs, Armagnacs, and after-dinner drinks in the restaurant’s collective arsenal, Andre’s boasts over 15,000 legendary vintage wines in their cellar and has been honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Here, vintages from the most exalted Bordeaux, Chateaux, and Burgundy wineries await the most demanding of aficionados; in addition to top-shelf New World, Italian, and Spanish labels.

The immediate reaction that struck my wife and me as we were greeted and directed to our table by General Manager David Borowik was the absolute intimacy of Andre’s main dining room. ’'Intimate’ can almost be an understatement here, with romantic booths and traditional cloth-covered tables sprinkled throughout the surprisingly small room. Varying sizes of circular-shaded chandeliers are suspended from the center of the dining room’s ceiling, which itself is multi-tiered with blue etching. Beautifully and intricately detailed, each ceiling tier is finished in different shades of cream and brown, eventually flowing into a sea blue color. With mirrors adorning the walls, swirled blue candle holders on each table, and oversized booths with blue and brown Orleans-inspired textured fabrics, Andre’s really does hearken back to a classic period in France’s colorful history.

Unassuming from its façade, one would never know that Andre’s is a multi-leveled structure. However, take the charming elevator ride to the upper floors and one discovers the beautifully lavish private dining areas capable of easily hosting small wedding or business parties, a displayed eye-opening cognac collection boasting labels dating back to the 1800s, and the aforementioned smoking and cognac lounge. The design elements on the walls and ceilings of these private dining rooms, as well as the suave corridors that lead to them, can rival the interiors of many top-shelf banquet and catering facilities. Needless to say, the tantalizing atmosphere created by Andre’s is simply mesmerizing.

Upon sitting in our sprawling, dramatic booth, my wife and I began our evening at Andre’s with a couple of glasses of Monchhof Riesling white wine. Recommended by the general manager, this German wine was wonderfully crisp and light with a lovely dash of sweetness. 

The first course we sampled, compliments of Andre’s Chef de Cuisine Gary FX LaMorte, was a specially-prepared salmon tartare served over a slice of hard-boiled egg. Effectively cold to the tongue and bursting with freshness, the salmon was deliciously clean and light in flavor, and was served on visually intriguing square-shaped crystal. The smooth yet robust texture of the salmon tartare dollop was complemented by the fresh taste of the hard-boiled egg beneath it. We did take note that chef LaMorte was preparing this appetizer not only for us, but also for our fellow patrons dining at Andre’s that evening. This was evidenced by the arrival of the dish at each occupied table in the restaurant, thus making it not a standard menu item but a surprise creation.  

Next, we were treated – our server graciously lifting the elegant stainless steel covers off each plate before placing them in front of us, in standard charming Andre’s practice – to a crab dish that had an interesting back story to it. According to Chef LaMorte, crab is traditionally boiled at sea on the fishing ships using salt water, hence its normally brackish flavor. At Andre’s, he explained, their crab is prepared in a hyperbaric chamber, which utilizes pressure to separate flesh from shell without any heat or coagulation of protein. The resulting flavor is naturally sweet. This crab we sampled was served atop a lentil puree; the crab itself was tender, meaty and sumptuous, complemented by the rougher texture and flavor of the puree. 

Along with the crab dish, we were brought a pan-seared scallop topped with caviar and served in a warm cream-based sauce.  The scallop was tender and seared, complemented by the slightly lemon-esque flavor of the caviar. Both the crab and the scallop courses were served on wildly curvaceous white porcelain plates, unique even amongst the trendiest of eateries.

Following the crab and scallop was a Pan-Seared Foie Gras, a French delicacy, which came atop a deliciously sweet apple puree. This dish exhibited velvety smooth overtones and textures, allowing it to literally melt in our mouths. Additionally, with the foie gras we sampled a Pear and Roquefort Salad with lolla rossa leaves, which came with candied walnuts tossed in a pumpkin seed vinaigrette. The pear was wrapped in flaky, buttery phyllo dough and crisped, leaving a warm, flavorful pear within. 

These dishes were accompanied by staff-recommended “Foie Gras Martinis” created specially by chef LaMorte, served tableside with shaved truffles on top. The martinis were served in elegant, slender and tall crystal martini glasses and exhibited a rich, sweet, almost milkshake-like flavor – the palate sensations were wonderful.

What would any meal derived from the legendary culinary arts of France be without a traditional Onion Soup? At Andre’s, this popular creation is served as a rich, savory broth brimming with onions and just the right amount of gruyere cheese. We also sampled a delicious Lobster Bisque Soup, lusciously smooth and creamy with puff pastry croutons and a lemon cream floating atop the surface. These pastry croutons gave the traditional lobster bisque a unique sweetness, unlike any lobster bisque soup I had tasted before, while the lemon cream added just the right amount of kick. Before moving on to the main course, we cleared our palates with a refreshing blueberry sorbet served in a shot glass.

In direct opposition to what our digestive capacities were telling us, it was soon time to sample the main course selections that were two highly recommended dishes by Chef LaMorte. In addition to being Andre’s signature dishes, the Live Maine Lobster Thermidor and imported Dover Sole arrived at our table in stunning fashion. For starters, the two-pound lobster is removed and cooked in a lobster cream sauce with white mushrooms, then placed back into its shell for presentation and topped with a rich hollandaise sauce. There is no other word to describe this dish than ‘delectable.’ The massive pieces of lobster meat swimming in the succulent, creamy mixture of the hollandaise sauce and the lobster cream had us refusing to put our forks down. 

Likewise, the imported Dover Sole was prepared in a delightful brown butter sauce, de-boned and topped with sliced green grapes and seasonal mixed vegetables on the side. The flavor of the sole was immensely fresh, with buttery overtones, and both the Lobster Thermidor and Dover Sole were served atop a bed of creamy, whipped, homemade mashed potatoes. 

Both my wife and I simply could not eat another bite – especially considering the gushing we did over the Lobster Thermidor. Alas, with the French being known for their decadent deserts, we were brought two to sample: A chocolate walnut cake served with a small scoop of sugar cane ice cream, and a gran marnier soufflé. The soufflé was creamy and fluffy and exhibited a hint of citrus, while the walnut cake was rimmed in a layer of deliciously sweet chocolate that had a difficult time keeping up with the sugary goodness of the sugar cane ice cream.

At the conclusion of our meal, we proceeded up the elevator to the cozy and charming smoking lounge in order to finish our coffee and discuss the Andre’s experience. While I myself did not indulge in any cigar relishing, there is a copious amount of top-shelf cigars available for aficionados to choose from, with the atmosphere emanating from this room offering an excellent retreat for an after-dinner cognac or smoke. This air filtration system-equipped lounge really was a unique attraction – a roaring fire sits at the heart of the somewhat darkened room, while cushion-lined benches and small candle-lit tables are sprinkled throughout the area. With upbeat jazz playing melodically in the background and a fully-stocked bar off to one corner, I was truly charmed by Andre’s relaxing smoking and cognac lounge, and I am certain others have been – and will be – as well. 

From the intimate and unique private lounge area to the downright decadent cuisine and Chef de Cuisine Gary LaMorte’s impressive culinary talents at the helm, Andre’s at the Monte Carlo Resort begins to redefine upscale French cuisine. If you seek not just a meal but an experience while in Las Vegas, seek out the sexy, modern twist on traditional French delicacies at Andre’s.

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 3770 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89109
  • Cross Street: Harmon Avenue
  • Location: Las Vegas Strip |
  • Cuisine: French |
  • Cost: $$$ | Moderate | $50 - $75
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Dress Code: Business Casual
  • Meals Served: Dinner |
  • Parking: Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover | Diners Club |
  • Corkage Fee: 50.00 | per bottle
  • Phone: (702) 798-7151

Business Hours

Main Dining Room | Closed
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.


  • Full Bar
  • Hotel Dining
  • Famous Chef
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Private Room
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Smoking Area
  • Tasting Menu
  • Winning Wine List
  • Working Fireplace
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Valet Parking
  • Lounge / Bar


  • Romantic Dining
  • Dining Alone
  • Business Dining
  • Meet for a Drink
  • People Watching
  • Quiet Conversation
  • Special Occasion
  • Trendy / Hip


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may purchase a Gift Certificate/Voucher to use at the Restaurant at any time, in the amount of your choice.


À La Carte Dinner Menu

  Parties of 6 or more are subject to an 18% service charge. Split entrees add $8.00. Food minimum of $35.00 per person. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Cold Appetizers

Hot Appetizers

Salads & Soups

Andre's Classics

Main Course



Tasting Menu ($110.00)

  per person for 5 courses with an optional wine pairing for $80.00 more. $135 per person for 7 courses with an optional wine pairing for $95.00 more. Price does not include tax and gratuity.

First Course

Second Course

Third Course

Fourth Course

Fifth Course

Sixth Course

Seventh Course

Happy Hour Menu

  Happy hour is available in the bar or cigar lounge Tuesday - Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

$7 Small Plates

$6 Specialty Cocktails

$5 Beers

Group Menu 1 ($70.00)

  May be converted to a three course menu and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. Menus are subject to seasonal availability and may be changed without notice. Beverage, Nevada sales tax and 20% gratuity are not included.

First Course

Second Course



Group Menu 2 ($85.00)

  Any of the menus may be converted to a three course menu and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. Menus are subject to seasonal availability and may be changed without notice. Beverage, Nevada sales tax and 20% gratuity are not included.

First Course

Second Course



Group Menu 3 ($115.00)

  Any of the menus may be converted to a three course menu and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. Menus are subject to seasonal availability and may be changed without notice. Beverage, Nevada sales tax and 20% gratuity are not included.

First Course

Second Course




Restaurant Address: 3770 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89109

User Reviews

Best Restaurant Of Any Kind In Las Vegas  

I visited Andre's three weeks ago and thought it was fantastic. The decor is subdued but elegant. Service was friendly and professional. The menu is very much what one would expect of a formal French restaurant. I started with a Beef Carpacio which was superb. For an entree, I chose duck which was likewise excellent. For dessert, I chose profiteroles which were delicious. Readers should note that souffles and tartes tartin must be ordered with your entree.

Andre's has a cigar lounge on the second floor which has a very good selection of cigars and cordials. Incidentally, I thought that the wine list was excellent including some decent wines by the glass. Readers should be aware that Andre's is quite expensive but it is worth every penny. In fact, I prefer Andre's to Picasso's by a wide margin. Chef Andre Rochat may not be a household name but he should be. I plan to visit Andre's every time I return to Las Vegas.

Best Restaurant in Las Vegas!  

Absolutely Wonderful! The restaurant was filled with an authentic french atmosphere as well as polite and attentitive staff. The food was more than fantastic! If you are looking for a restaurant where you want to hear the rest of your party over the music, escape the trendy scene and enjoy fine dinning with etiquette then Andre's is a definite must. I highly suggest making reservation due to the limited amount of tables.

Unsurpassed food, best service  

My two dining companions and I arrived 10 minutes early, but our table was waiting. A booth, and they graciously pulled the table out so we could sit without sliding around the bench. The waiter was right there with menus and wine list, and cheerfully asked if he could get us anything to start and what type of water we would like; not the least sense of pressure, or disappointment when we opted for tap water and no cocktails.

The waiter had a very heavy Spanish accent, which made us concentrate hard to understand him – this was the only imperfection of the evening. He was charming and knowledgeable, and spent a good deal of time explaining what seemed like half the items on the menu. Once we decided on our choices, the waiter was right there to take the order. The staff has a knack of staying out of sight, but very well aware of exactly where you’re at and what you need.

My niece loves chocolate soufflé, but doesn’t like the taste of coffee; the pre-order dessert included chocolate-kahlua soufflé. She inquired, “could I have this soufflé without the kahlua?” “But of course, we’ll make it any way you want!” Once the order was placed, the sommelier was right there. Now, it was a little more awesome on our first visit when the sommelier found out what we had ordered before arriving at the table, but no complaints. We had decided to share a bottle of wine, but we had a mix of meat and fish, and my niece has a strong preference for white or light reds. Not a problem for the expert sommelier – he zeroed in on a red blend and asked us to trust him. He brought it, opened it, and poured it into a decanter at the table – so that it would open up and soften to be more to my niece’s liking. He even said, “if you don’t like it, I’ll take it back and bring you something else.” She loved it; we all loved it – superb.

First course (not counting the amuse bouche): salad for me and soup for the others. I had also ordered soup, which came next, but my companions had not ordered another starter. But along with my soup came two special (full size) salads for them to eat so they wouldn’t have to sit with nothing while I had my soup; the salads were, of course, comp’d. What a great touch! And, of course, the food was all great. Main courses were all phenomenal – filet, lamb and swordfish. During the main course, the chef came out, introduced himself and shook our hands. He was making more than a token visit, genuinely concerned that we thoroughly enjoyed our food; it felt like very special treatment. I had let them know with the reservation that it was my niece’s birthday. The staff did not need reminding – they do their homework and pay close attention to every detail. A special birthday dessert plate arrived, as well as our orders.

Everything was wonderful. Presentation, from the appearance of the food on the plates to the flair with which the entrees are simultaneously unveiled, is superb. The staff at Andre’s confirmed that there is no better service, anywhere. And the food is unsurpassed as well – not just one or two dishes, but everything is consistently wonderful. They are the epitome of class; always right there when you need them, yet do not intrude on your conversation or visibly hover. They do not try to chat and be too friendly, but are charming, friendly and talkative if you invite them to be. I ate at several high-end restaurants in LV this week, and while the food was great everywhere, no one comes close to Andre’s for service and atmosphere.

a sure Favorite  

This continues to be a favorite of ours. It's small and intimate and we really enjoy the celebration of special occasions here. Service is wonderful and as always...food is consistently great!!

Beautiful restaurant, delicious food  

I really enjoyed our dinner at Andre's. We had a party of 8 and were treated to a delicious dinner in a breathtaking private dining room with superior service. A few glitches with the wine list and a bit of sticker shock ($18 for a glass of Chardonnay!) were the only minor issues. I would definitely go back.

best in vegas  

the service and food was the best in vegas!

great food  

Service was great but watch out for the price of drinks.

Excellent Food and Wine but...  

The menu, the wine list and the overall service were superior. We had escargot, beef cheeks and lobster bisque for appetizers, followed by tender fillet of beef and rabbit saddle. The waiter suggested a splendid bottle of Riesling as we both enjoy white, semi sweet table wine. We finished the meal with an outstanding souffle. However, when we booked the reservation, we put into the "special requests" section a note, saying that it was going to be a celebration of my wife's 30th birthday and any special arrangement/seating would be appreciated. However, when we arrived, no mention of it was made at all. We were seated at a nice, but average table, without so much as an extra flower, or an acknowledgement of the occassion from the staff. That was disappointing. Being from NYC, we are used to a different treatment when making a note of celebrating a special occassion.

Intimate and Classy  

I enjoyed the Dover Sole; was expensive but awesome! The service was excellent. Each course was timely and wonderful. Our waitress was attentive but did not get in the way. The chef came out to visit the patrons; very cool. Perfect setting for an intimate meal.


My wife and I are vegetarians and Chef LaMorte went to great lengths to see to it that our dining experience was exceptional. I can't wait to go back! John & Marilyn Negley

One of the best  

Must order the seared fois gras. The lamb absolutely delicious. To finish the chocolate soufflé amazing. One of my best meals in Vegas!

Excellent Evening  

The experience at Andre's surpassed our expectations, everything from the service to the food was amazing. The recommendations of the wait staff were perfect, the Dover sole and the filet were prepared perfectly. The entire meal was timed perfectly from the opening course to the after dinner coffee, we never felt rushed, nor were we left waiting for our next service. Dinner was so far removed from the lights and noise of Vegas that stepping back out of the restaurant was like being transported to a completely different location.

Dinner on 10/10/10  

The foie gras appetizer and dover sole were excellent choices. Service was never lacking. A nice job by all. The noise coming from the casino was a little loud so look to move away from the restaurant entrance door.

Exquisite and Perfect!  

My husband and I loved everything about Andre's, the ambiance, the service, the food and wine, the impeccable care that only a French Restaurant gives, our server, Lori, and the others were just tops and so professional. I recently spent time in Paris this past spring and ate at one of the top restaurants in the world, Taillevent, and Andre's was extremely close to that experience. We hope to come back.

Very Pleased  

Maybe the best prepared Sea Bass I've had. The Spice Cake is one of the best new desserts. The wine list is very good, and the Escargot also well prepared.

A Can't Miss Steakhouse  

I took a client from NY and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of the finest restaurants I have had the pleasure to enjoy.


The food was great. The service, flawless. The enviroment, not that good. Overall, a very good experience.




Andre's - February 27, 2011  

My wife and I were in Las Vegas for a business/pleasure trip, and had a free evening Sunday the 27th. We had heard good things about Andre's. We were very pleasantly surprised! The food and service were outstanding. We would highly recommend to all.


We had lobster thermador and it was excellent - as were the lemon drop martinis (very few places make these well). There is more than one room and the one we ate in was plain and without any view or ambiance but the food and the service ...AND the Lemon Drops more than made up for it! We actually came back a couple of days later and ate a small meal at the bar - which was excellent - as were the lemon drops:-)

Great Private dinner and food, heart of the casino  

Wonderful restaurant. Have not found Lobster Bisque this good since Cayman Islands. Loved the ambience and the service was incredible. Had 6 people making sure our visit was the best. Food was outstanding.


The food and martinis were incredible. We had the lobster thermidor and filet mignon, both were excellent. Also had the bis carpachio which was amazing. The spicy lemondrop martini and sweet tea martini were both exceptional. I would go back just for the martinis.

Expectations Exceeded  

Thank you Andre's for outstanding service, flavor & presentation. The appetizer, soup, salad, entrees & deserts were all terrific. The cozy dinning room atmosphere was very comfortable for this couple to enjoy our best dinning experience ever!

Andre's at the Monte Carlo  

Amazing place you have to go!

FIrst TIme Observation  

The service was attentive and the food was outstanding. a great value for the price. a very good place to relax and enjoy a quality meal

Incredible dinner and service  

We by far had our best dining experience at Andre's during our recent Vegas trip. The welcoming ambience is only the beginning to impeccable service and a fantastic meal. The wine selection is broad and the sommeliere was very helpful pairing our dish with a great bottle. Our meals were fantastic- filet and lobster thermador. Being from New England, I was a little hestitant on getting the dish but it was by far the best lobster dish I have ever had. The entire wait staff was very attentive and made sure we had every thing we needed to make our experience that much more enjoyable. The prices are on the higher side- $68 for the lobster dish- but well worth it. Would not hesitate to return to Andre's.

Great Food, Great Service  

Nice intimate setting, wonderful decor, excellent wait staff, elegant dining, remarkable food. no complaints at all. Dr. Chudi

25th Anniversary Dinner  

I had read the reviews about Vegas restaurants and Andre's kept topping all the lists. For our 25th anniversary I really wanted to make sure the restaurant was going to be something special. Andre's did not disappoint. I consider myself a foodie and have been fortunate enough to have dinner at many remarkable restaurants including "The French Laundry". Andre's was without a doubt the finest food I've ever had. The combinations of taste and texture were genius. For our dinner, we selected a regional Burgundy (loved the ipad) and started with a PEAR & ROQUEFORT SALAD and the FOIE GRAS TERRINE. The foie gras was a study in savory and sophistication; absolutly the best. For our entrees my wife selected the DOVER SOLE and after an agonizing few moments of indecision (so many great items on the menu)I had the RACK OF COLORADO LAMB. Throughout our meal the service was equal parts personable and impeccable. This was truly an outstanding dinning experience; the chef is true artist. We look forward to our next trip to Vegas in large part because of Andre's.

Outstanding French experience right on the Strip  

We dined at Andre's with a large group of friends on our long-weekend trip to Vegas. We are all foodies and always look for best value. Service at Andre's was outstanding, the ambiance was very nice (although we expected something more fresh and trendy, instead of a traditional, elegant - still very nice). The highlights were the wine list (presented on an iPad!), the souffle (excellent!), lobster bisque, and heirloom tomato salad. Delicious! Highly recommend for a romantic dinner or any special occasion.


Outstanding service, great ambiance and out of this world cuisine. I can't recommend Andre's highly enough!!! We will definitely be returning!


The food, service, and high quality experience was 100% worth it. I would recommend to all others.

Simply Fabulous!  

My girlfriend and I were in Vegas for her birthday, so we went to Andre's at the Monte Carlo for dinner. I had heard very good things about this place. The service was impeccable.....we were treated like royalty! The food, by the way, was outstanding, and the presentation was spot on. We sat in a booth which was very comfortable and romantic, and had the best experience ever at a restaurant in Las Vegas. No great view, but, that is not what Andre's is about. Tucked away just off of the lobby of the Hotel, this restaurant appears to be nothing special......that is, until you get inside and experience the fabulous service and the incredible food. I highly recommend this place for a special ocassion, or for an excellent meal on any given night.

Must go!  

The service was fantastic, a little rushed at first, but they soon stopped and let us enjoy our meal. I will recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone. Perfect.

Culinary Experience  

Andre's limited seating provides a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for its patrons. Service was superb. Waiters appeared to be choreographed while attending to individual tables. Food was a culinary experience from appetizer to dessert.

A night to remember  

After a frantic few days in Las Vegas, we decided to slow the pace down with a taste of fine dining at Andre's at the Monte Carlo. The service was superb with none of the snobery that often accompanies fine dining establishments. The food lived up to their reputation in a relaxed atmosphere. The dining room was comfortable and cozy which made the entire experience special.

Excellent restaurant!!!  

Perfect dinner at Andre's Restaurant for my husband's birthday. Food was the best, food presentation was excellent, very nice service. Thanks to all of you. Mr. and Mrs. Kagan

Food is amazing  

The appetizer at Andres was great, the soup was awesome, but the dover sole was "the best ever". What else can I say? The food was amazing and got better as the meal went on. The only draw back was the food was so good, you ate it all. Make sure to not eat too much bread as you don't want to ruin your appetite for this meal. Would definately go again.

Relaxed Elegance  

Andre can boast that it is simply one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and it certainly has stiff competition. They are masters at detail. Enough said. Albert Garcia

Fabulous food!  

Our experience at Andre's restaurant was wonderful. The food was absolutely succulent! Service was excellent and not at all pretentious. The birthday celebration was punctuated by a surprise dessert tray. If you go, you won't be disappointed.

Don't miss  

This was our first time to Andre's but we will definitely go again. We had a wonderful meal and wonderful experience. The staff could not have been more attentive and polite. Thank you for a memorable Anniversary Dinner and for the cute anniversary dessert. See you again


the restaurant its wonderful in everything.

Great for a date  

Awesome but be ready to pay for the value.

French dining at its best  

Fabulous French dining in Las Vegas! Don't miss Andre's when you're in town.

Amazing restaurant  

Food was brilliant & service was one of a kind

Magically Romantic  

The setting was filled with beautiful colors and decor. The low lighting and candle light made our wedding night so sweet. The food was very tasty. At the end they gave us a platter with chocolate covered nuts and fruit that said congratulations. Just wonderful.


The food was what I would expect from a high end French restaurant. However, the staff was well above expectation. Attentive without being in the way. Their knowledge of the food was good, and their presentation of the chef's offerings was perfect. I would go back again without question.

Wonderfully excellent  

The service was top notch, the staff attentive but not intrusive. The food and wine matches were exquisite. Several times throughout the meal my wife and I asked each other, "How did they do that?". That to us, is the sign of an outstanding offering!

Will Be Back!  

I have eaten at many great restaurants in Vegas. Andre's is now one of my favorites.

Great food and service  

Great service from the captain

Valentines day 2013  

We had the Valentines menu that was fixed, the portion sizes were sensible, the food was great and with the serviced we received we could not have asked for more on our 37th anniversary.

you will enjoy it  

All round great experience. We are 40 and took my parents. Great all round experience. A little pricey but if your budget is above average, then you won't be dissappointed. If your on a budget, it may be a bit much. Its nice to splurge though.


Great personable and knowlegable staff, wonderful food and equally wonderful cigar room

Highly recommended  

Hands down the most enjoyable dining experience I've had in decades, and highly recommend to anyone.

Turkey Day Romance  

This was a great experience, the food was tastefully appealing(awesome), the... ambiance was very chill and romantic. The decore was a great mix between antigue/ comptemporary style. Our waitress was very friendly, and engaged us in other conversation rather than - I'll take you order, here's your food, small chit chat, and I'll work for my tip type of service. She created a nice down home friendly atmospheric sense of a quiet "Romantic Turkey Day" Dinner. Thanks and great job, Kevin and Joy Turpel

Cigar and a wonderful dinner  

An excellent restaurant with first class service in a quiet and pleasant ambience. I had a cigar before dinner and really enjoyed the lounge. Food was delicious and served impeccably. Couldn't have been more pleased.

Perfect evening.  

What I loved most about andres was the decor and ambiance. It was a nice quiet environment, that made you forget about being in a bustling casino. Staff was extremely kind and prompt. I would definitely come back.




It was an overall great experience!

it was good not great  

We went for our anniversary. We had a nice dinner, although the ambience was not what I expected. Quiet, one couple was there and he had a baseball cap & jeans on, not what I expected. The food was good, but not great.

Good value  

The price is reasonable, considering that they are highly rated restaurant in Las Vegas. Other restaurants with similar ratings are a lot more pricey.

Birthday celebration at Andre's.  

The service was outstanding. The food was good, but not great. It was very good for a special birthday celebration.

Best Place to Celebrate Something Special  

What a great place to dine when there something to celebrate. A very small 16 table restaurant with plenty of dishes to choose from. The lobster bisque is EXCELLENT and the complementary bread came with three different types of butter! A very special place that I will eat at again!


When a restaurant is rated so high on this website, it comes with a little expectation of extremely high quality food and unparalleled service. Unfortunately, this restaurant did not live up to the expectation. The food is billed as "French" but it is not truly a "French" restaurant. A more accurate description would be "French Inspired". When a restaurant is billed as "French" we were expecting to see certain menu items.

While Andres offered the traditional Foie Gras and escargot, they did not have many truly "French" entries like Duck con fit. The food was cooked at a superior level, and the taste was excellent, but this was not the best restaurant on your list. Service was good, but the staff was a little rude (talking about us to other staff) when we decided to not have dessert.

The ambiance was good, but there was notable flaws in the carpeting (tearing in corners), which made the restaurant appear a little cheap. It should also be noted that they are not a part of the M-Life club, as they are technically not associated with the Monte Carlo. This was one of the reasons why we picked the restaurant, and we were a little frustrated when the waiter told us that we could not use our card to get points. Craftsteak and Mesa Grill are far superior restaurants regarding food quality and service, and yet they are rated below Andres.

Amazing food  

Amazing food. Highly recommend the tasting menu with the sommelier's wine pairing.


I felt my dining experience was average.


I felt my dining experience was average.

Andre's at the Monte Carlo  

The setting, menu and quality of food was very good. The waiter service was below average. The wine menu was not provided to us during our order. The dessert that we ordered was late out from the kitchen.

Andre's food  

Better food in Vegas for the price


Was quite overrated as a 5 Star; I would only say 4 star but the price was for 5. I would not recommend the tasting menu; a few items were decent but they were so small my wife had to laugh. We felt duped into paying a massive price for a less-worth-it experience. Definitely for tourists with deep pockets, not seasoned culinary travellers.

Over blown and over priced  

If you think that by going to Andres you are going to be getting an outstanding dining experience, think again. Over priced, over blown and you will leave hungry. The wine list is exhaustive but over priced. the food is fair and majorly over priced. the Hispanic servers who aid the waiter pretend that they dont hear you or understand English. I had to ask for ice for my water and lemon three times. Of course if you are there on business and have the company credit card and want to think you are impressing the client, by all means...go and spend the money and add to the false impressions of what is really quality in this town. I would have gotten a far better meal at T Bones or Cut. Can you imagine...all over town one can get a really quality rib eye that will easily feed two people...not hear...the rib eye is 12 ounces and is outrageously priced. We cannot eat large steaks so...My wife and I usually split the rib eye and then get the baker and the vegetables and augment the meal with extras and a glass of champagne... not hear...that would have been well over $100 So I paid $42 dollars for three sand dabs and one small mini and I mean mini crab like imitation of a baby lobster about one and a half inches long. WOW what a meal! The ratings we read and then relied upon are a joke.

Does not live up to the hype.  

The steaks were chewy, there was a large table of people dropping the "F" word loudly and the service was mediocre. We read that Andre's was rated one of the 10 ten restaurant's in Vegas. Not in our opinion and we will not be going back. There are too many wonderful chefs/restaurants in Vegas to waste your time or stomach at Andre's. My wife was sick shortly after the meal and it continued the next day ruining a night and day of a 4 day 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Disatorous Wedding Dinner  

The waiter offered a gift in celebration of our wedding night. Upon leaving the restaurant, the manager stopped us and asked for the gift back, telling us it was not a gift for us to take. She did this in front of other guests at the restaurant, and embarassed us immensely. We were even more embarrassed because we were still in our wedding attire. The box given to us was a mirrored black box valued at $9.99. We knew this because the tag was on the bottom. Apparently, a $9.99 box was more valuable than our respect. We explained that the box was presented to us as a gift by our waiter, but the manager still insisted that we return it to her with no apologies given. This was extremely disappointing after we just spent $200.00 in your restaurant. As a result, we would never return or recommend your restaurant to anyone due to the way your staff handled the entire situation.

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