Regally reigning atop the Palms Casino Resort, Alizé is one of Chef André Rochat’s jewels among his gemmed trio of French restaurants. Rochat, who introduced fine dining to Las Vegas 20 years ago with his original André’s French Restaurant, presides creatively at Alizé. Mark Purdy, Alizé’s Chef de Cuisine, executes the restaurant’s delectable dishes of fish, meat, and poultry that dazzle and delight through flawless execution. Alizé’s astounding wine list of 1,800 wines would appeal to discriminating wine connoisseurs. Located on Flamingo Boulevard, one mile north of the Las Vegas strip from Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio Hotel, Alize is one restaurant not to be missed.

Classically French Alizé is Elegant and Chic

Alizé sings its siren song immediately upon entrance to the restaurant.  Located on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, Alizé beckons with elegant décor, warm hospitality, and sophisticated French cuisine.  Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy delights guests with flawlessly executed culinary creations of fish, meat, and poultry of classical French preparation.  Alizé is managed under the guidance of famed Las Vegas Chef André Rochat, who introduced fine cuisine to Las Vegas over 20 years ago, back when the city enticed gamblers through meal deals rather than delectable dining.  

In true French fashion, Alizé casts its bewitchment not just through its fine food, but also through its vast selection of exceptional wines, selected by Sommelier Alain Visinoni.  With its impressive list of 1,800 labels, numbering 8,000 bottles, Alizé is a connoisseur’s delight. Visinoni offers impressive wine pairings that combine with Chef Purdy’s impeccably presented and prepared fine French cuisine to create a memorable dining experience.  Paired with stunning panoramic views of the tantalizing and twinkling allure of Vegas from the restaurant’s building-top location, Alizé conjures up an intoxicating blend of food, wine and atmosphere. 

After winding our way through the cavernous ground floor casino of the Palms Resort, we eventually ended up at Alizé’s gateway – the elevator to the 56th floor.  Perhaps the trickiest part of reaching Alizé is figuring out how to circumnavigate Palms’ casino floor.  For the most direct path to the restaurant, guests should park in the smaller parking structure on the southern side of the hotel rather than the main garage on the northern side of the hotel. 

As soon as we exited the elevator onto the restaurant floor, we were entranced.  Styled with glossy parquet floors, rich cognac-hued wainscoting, and spacious glass cabinetry, Alizé’s hallway entrance dazzled us with its lustrous wood paneling and reflected light from cognac and port bottles.  Alizé manager Stavros Georgiou warmly greeted us and escorted us to our table, a delightful spot alongside floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out upon the city and desert landscapes of Las Vegas.  

Our table, as with those around us, was elegantly draped with two layers of heavy cream linen that cascaded to the floor.  The table was set with burnished silverware and stemware for red and white wine.  Settings featured an oversized, square “placeholder” of antiqued finished black china embellished with a voluptuous flower motif.  Nestled up against the tables were club chairs richly upholstered in two fabrics:  one a lush burgundy velvet and the other a geometric patterned brocade of cream and mauve complementing the burgundy carpet.  

Alizé’s main, and only, dining room was rectangular and scattered with tables for two and four with a few for six and one large table for eight.  The room, paneled in gleaming light oak and mellow cherry, was high ceiled and colored a pale blush.  Adorning the walls were graceful lily-shaped sconces and some art nouveau style paintings.  Overall, while the room was modern, it had a slight art deco feel, perhaps due to the room’s clean lines, recessed ceiling and color palette.  Off center, like another decoration, was the famed wine cellar:  a glass and dark wood framed structure that revealed its treasured inhabitants.  Wafting through the air, light jazz played at a volume suitably low for undisturbed table conversation.

Once seated, we were welcomed by our server Silvano who distributed the elegant trifold menus of parchment paper.  Next, Alizé’s suave sommelier Alain Visinoni presented us with the voluminous wine list.  Visinoni also offered to assist in pairing our wines with dinner and suggested the chef’s tasting menu.  Since the tasting menu requires all table members to partake, we decided not to take advantage of this tempting option.  However, we did accept Visinoni’s suggestion of a mis en bouche of Champagne: Chanteclaire, André’s Private Label, Villers-Marmery.  It was a multi vintage, slightly dry with a subtle pear flavor.  

We concluded that we could have exclusively dined on Alize’s appetizers, an inventive and delectable array of cold and hot selections of sufficient variety to make choosing a challenge.  I eventually whittled my options down to Pan Seared Diver Scallops, while my dining companion opted for both the soup de jour, Main Lobster and Fennel Bisque, and Calamari Steak.  For wine, we chose a crisp, dry 2006 Chenin Blanc, Ballentine, Napa Valley.  Light with a slight mineral taste, the Chenin Blanc would complement our first course.  

An amuse bouche was served while we waited for our appetizers.  A shrimp ceviche presented in a dainty demitasse, it resonated with the piquant flavor of cilantro mixed in with minutely diced pieces of avocado, shrimp and salmon.  With the tomato base adding a refreshing note and only a soupcon of olive oil, the ceviche was delightfully zesty yet delicate.

My diver scallops arrived resting on a gracious white china plate rimmed with golden scrollwork on black and edged in terra cotta.  The scallops, a matched pair, were prepared to perfection with a crispy textured golden crust leaving with the meat tender yet firm.  Adorning each scallop was a dollop of finely shredded carrot, transformed by syrupy balsamic for a slightly sweet flavor. The carrots contrasted well with the scallops, as did a bottom layer of moist corn galette with saffron.  Transcending the dish was its decadent parmesan fondue which swirled around the scallops.  Savory with bacon, the sauce balanced the light scallops with pungent richness.

My partner’s lobster bisque was presented in a translucent creamy white china tureen on a doilied saucer.  The pumpkin-colored bisque was redolent with the heady aroma of rich lobster and fennel and a lusciously creamy concoction of full-bodied lobster flavor with undertones of sherry.  The bottom of the tureen held a surprise of crispy puff pastry and seared scallop for an added fillip.

The calamari steak was sautéed to a golden hue, the tender steak combining the crunch of crust with the smoothness of white meat.  Crispy fronds of fried potato strings which accompanied the steak were a playful addition.  The slight sweetness from the brown butter sauce balanced well with the fish’s mild flavor.  

To accompany my entrée, Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb, I deferred to Sommelier Visinoni for my next selection.  He suggested a 2004 Zinfandel from JC Cellars Arrowhead Mountain, Sonoma, commenting that the wine’s spicy nuance would complement the hearty chops.  With one sip, I was entranced by the wine’s flavorful spice and medium body.

The rack of lamb was a masterpiece of presentation and preparation.  Arrayed on a gleaming white china platter rimmed with the now-familiar gold scroll on black with terra cotta trim, three chops were upended on their sides, with filo-packaged shoulder confit and feta cheese interspersed between.  Each chop rested on a truncated mesa of Merquez sausage and potato sandwiched by layers of papery spinach crepe.  Pooled around the meat and crepes was velvety brown jus.  The lamb was slightly tinged with pink and coated with a tangy crust of mixed herbs and mustard.  Each bite offered a melody of taste from the robust lamb with fine herbs, the peppery bite of sausage, or tangy sharpness of feta.   Bringing the flavor dimensions together was the mellow and slightly sweet jus.  It was a superb dish.

My partner continued grazing off the appetizer menu with his next small plate, Scampi André.  The succulent scampi was prepared in a rich cream sauce laced with slivers of basil and ladled over airy, yet crusty filo toast.  The serving was sufficiently generous to satisfy a light appetite and eminently delectable.  With his last dish, my dinner partner elected to finish off with another white wine, a smooth 2003 Groth Chardonnay, Napa Valley.  Slightly tropical in taste without a trace of oakiness, the Groth was an excellent companion to the scampi.

We ended our evening with a decadent chocolate soufflé, an appropriate choice for a French restaurant.  Proud and tall, dusted with a light coating of white powdered sugar, the soufflé was an elegant and light way to end our meal.  Presented in a white ramekin plated on doilied double saucers, the dessert emitted whiffs of chocolate-scented steam.  We dipped a spoon into the soufflé, breaking through its outer crust, and the dessert, alas as expected, collapsed under pressure.  We next poured chocolate sauce into the small crater and with our first bite tasted the slight egginess of the custardy chocolate intensified by the smooth sauce.  Delicieux

We were pleasantly surprised with the unexpectedly appearance of petit fours on a lovely silver pedestal.   The candies included handmade marshmallow, meringue, caramel and geleé.  We popped each into our mouths.  Who could resist!  

As well, we will not be able to resist returning to Alizé, an indulgent culinary escape à la Français. Bon appetit!

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89103
  • Cross Street: Arville Street
  • Location: West of the Strip |
  • Cuisine: American |
  • Cost: $$$ | Moderate | $50 - $75
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Dress Code: Casual Elegant
  • Meals Served: Dinner |
  • Parking: Public Lot | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover | Diners Club |
  • Corkage Fee: 50.00 | per bottle
  • Phone: (702) 951-7000

Business Hours

Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.


  • Full Bar
  • Hotel Dining
  • Wheelchair Access


  • Meet for a Drink
  • People Watching


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

The restaurant is located on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort.
The entire restaurant is surrounded by windows which provides a good view for every diner.
Yes, pre fix means the price is set. Whichever menu selections you choose for each course will be the same price; $45.00.
Alize is located on the top floor of the Palms Casino Resort.
Children 5 years of age or older are welcome in the restaurant.
Alize does have a great view of the Strip, but they do not have a direct view of the Bellagio fountains.
Alize requests resort-evening casual wear. This means that jackets and ties are not required for gentlemen, however, casual clothing is not accepted. Similarly, ladies are expected to wear considerate apparel.
Yes, in fact, Alize has an extensive list of cognacs.
The dress code at Alize is "Casual Elegant". Collard shirts are required for gentleman. Jeans are acceptable as long as they don't have tears or holes. Please refrain from shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, beach and athletic wear.
For parties of 13 or more guests, Alize would require you to order off a prix fixe menu. Menus typically range from $75-$125/ per person.


A La Carte Menu

  Parties of 6 or more are subject to an 18% gratuity. Split items are an extra $8.00. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change. Food Minimum of $47.00 per person.





Pre-Ordered Desserts


Chef's Tasting Menu ($135.00)

  7-course tasting menu. Requires the participation of the entire table. Price is per person and does not include the cost of beverages, tax or gratuity. Optional wine pairing available for an additional $95.00 per person.

Caviar Course-$20 Supplement.

First Course

Second Course

Third Course

Fourth Course

Fifth Course

Sixth Course

Seventh Course


Restaurant Address: 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89103

User Reviews

We Were Honored and Welcome Guests  

From the moment we checked in on the ground floor and were escorted to the elevator, we were treated as honored and welcome guests. The view was spectacular, a double rainbow over the strip after a rainstorm the evening we arrived, but even the view was outdone by the wonderful food and service. From the amuse bouche to the delectable desserts, it was all we could have desired. The waitstaff was knowledgeable and helpful, suggesting items they felt we may like, but never pushy. The appetizers and salads were just as amazing as the entrees, not an afterthought or a filler. All at our table enjoyed every course of the meal, and, knowing we were celebrating an anniversary and birthday, the staff presented those at the table with an extra little delightful surprise. Alize was a wonderfully peaceful respite from the noise and bustle of the hotels and casinos, and well worth the price. The friendly and welcoming people there made the entire evening so very enjoyable. We will highly recommend Alize and hope to return on our next visit to Las Vegas.

Alize experience  

Alize offered a fantastic atmosphere and view. The staff was extremely cordial and the wine list was fantastic. 


Everything was perfect - From service to food. I followed this up with a trip to the Sterling Buffet. Save you money - just go back here. Once the bar is set to this level at this price point, the Sterling does not hold up.

Fantastic Restaurant  

We celebrated our 35th Anniversary at Alize' recently and it was truly the best meal I have ever had at any restaurant, anywhere, ever, and I have dined in many cities and restaurants. The room is elegant, refined and quiet, the spectacular view of the Las Vegas lights from the top of the Palms providing the drama. The service was friendly and helpful. The Captain Juan was excellent. We had the 5 course chef's tasting menu (completely separate dishes from the A La Carte offerings) with accompanied wine for each course. Each dish was presented with an explanation of it's components and each wine was offered with information on it's characteristics and why it was chosen to match each dish. I have since purchased several of the wines we had as they were so excellent. Each dish was exquisitely presented and absolutely delicious. The ribeye steak course practically melted in our mouths. The dessert was a trio of separate dishes in itself. All in All, it was a truly memorable dining experience. I highly recommend Alize for a romantic special occasion. You will not be disappointed.


Everything was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Anniversary Dinner  

Everything about our dining experience was wonderfull.We were treated to a very special 59th anniversary dinner by all who served us and will return any time we are in Las Vegas. Jeanne and Milton Macken


Great food very impressive staff and the view was to die for. The food was perfect in ever way and had a good verity of different foods. I would suggest this restaurant to anybody.

unforgettable experience  

nice view, perfect steak, best cocktail....



Wonderful experience!

Prix Fixe Menu  

Awesome, nothing else needs to be said.

Great view, wonderful food, terrific service!  

The early bird meal was spectacular! Everything was perfect! The Staff were really nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and everything was impeccable! Bringing wine to the restaurant was not allowed but we found a reasonably priced wine that paired perfectly with the meal - I'm glad I was able to try a new wine. The sommelier was helpful & terrific!

a wonderful evening  

A perfect evening for six friends. The food and service was outstanding. We would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. We will be back!

Best place for a romantic dinner  

We went to Alize for a romantic dinner and the wait staff and quality of food was outstanding. I would highly recommend this restaurant for couples looking for a great view of Las Vegas since it is at the top of The Palms hotel. If you are looking for a high quality meal for a reasonable price ask to look at the Farmer's Market (3 course) menu. Keep in mind the Farmer's Market menu is available only at certain hours of the day.

Excellent choice  

This was our first time to Alize. We wanted a "high end" restuarant and was not disappointed. As advertised the ambiance and view is outstanding. Was very impressed with the extensive wine list. Service was outstanding without interferring with our dinner. Would highly recommend this restuarant if you want a very nice high end place for dining.

Dinner for Two  

Excellent food and service. The experience was well worth the expense.


The food, service, and atmosphere was incredible. I will remember the entire evening at Alize as one of the most pleasurable dining experiences of my life.

Very good, but expensive.  

Great view, great service, great food. It is the first time I have seen abalone on the menu in many years. The only draw back was the price; over $150 pp. But I guess it was worth it because I will go back.

Very Best!  

Although this is not a new restaurant, it continues to be the BEST Vegas has to offer! Service, Food, Wine selection...not to mention the view of coarse. Expensive but sooo worth it!

Truly exceptional!  

Food, service, view A++

Best meal ever  

Amazing food. You can spend as little as $36 on an entree if you're strapped for cash. I came here with my boyfriend for his birthday and the waiter brought out a chocolate covered strawberry with a candle. the view anywhere in the restaurant is amazing but try to get a table by the windows.

Incredible experience  

This is not just a restaurant, it is a dining experience! Every seat in the restaurant has an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip as well as the mountains to the West. The service was incredible and the food was outstanding! I HIGHLY recommend getting the Chef's Choice along with the wine pairing for each course. It was an incredible evening that I will never forget.


We did the tasting menu with the wine pairing. The overall bill came out to be quite a large one, but that was expected. The staff treated everyone like they were VIPs, but also made sure to stay out of the way so they weren't interrupting anything. Everyone at the restaurant appeared to be having a really good time. The time between courses was also ideal. We went in celebration of a college graduation. The kitchen made sure the final course came out with "congratulations" written in chocolate. It was a very good time, I would suggest it to anyone.

The Alize Experience  

This was one of the best restaurants I have visited in a long while. The food was excellent and the service was the best. The view was unbelievable. A nice treat to enjoy the view and the food, very romantic. I would go back there the next time I am in Las Vegas.


C'est Magnifique! Best view, service, and food I have perhaps ever had.


It was really great cheers!

That special evening  

I took my girlfriend to the Alize after reading so much about it before my first visit to Las Vagas from the UKrival and this continued throughout the night, they could not have been more polite or attentive. The staff made you feel very special immediately upon arival, the meal was outstanding and something we commented on all night. Thank you again for a great night, I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes, we were married the next day... I'llbe booking again on our next visit for sure, recommend to your friends I guarantee they will not be dissapointed and will be in for a treat..Steve Martin

Fantastic food experiance  

Very warm and attentive service. Friendly host, manager, bartender, servers, etc... Good pace to the meal. Outstanding fare. very comfortable environment; terrific vistas from the top of the Palms. Very expensive, but it's a top notch establishment. $450.00 (includes tip) for a party of two with cocktails and inexpensive wine ($120). Highly reccomended; a must for a truly fine dining experience.

Great service  

We had a very good experience, love the food and the service. Great price for the Farmer's Market Menu.

Special Place, Special People  

From the moment we were welcomed at ground level and led to the elevator, visiting Alize' was a special experience. The entire staff seems to read the flow of the party, inquiring if we had a time constraint. We did not, and from that point forward the evening and the courses of our meal were timed perfectly to us, neither being rushed or delayed. Every item was described delectably and further information on preparation and ingredients was given when requested. Food was not only delicious, but every item presented artfully, with flavor combinations that were brilliant. The wonderful meal outshone the beautiful view, making for a magical evening for our group. Thank you, Alize'!

Excellent restaurant  

This restaurant have great food and excellent service and they have beatiful field.

Amazing experience.  

The food was beautiful and fabulous, the wait staff was excellent and very professional, the view was priceless!

Incredible experience!  

From the moment we walked in, we were awed by the ambiance and the view. The bartender was incredibly warm and inviting, with a ton of knowledge about the restaurant and Las Vegas. From the first drink at the bar, we were then taken to our table, front and center by the windows with the most beautiful view of the strip! The food was exquisite and the service was the best we've ever had. Everyone who came to our table was gracious, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. From Europe to New York to Australia, our meal at Alize was our favorite.

the best  

i went for the first time to Alize with my husband and i had a great time. the food, the services was excellent. i will definably recommend this amazing restaurant to every one. keep it up the good work!!!!


If your primary concern is cost than this is not the place for you, but you should already know that going in. If you want to experience the best in ultra fine dining and perfect service, then I would recommend Alize 100 out of 100 times.

Alize Outstanding  

Other than the fake french accents the service, food, and overall experience were outstanding. We will be back.

great place to celebrate!  

Great restaurant we spent our anniversary here and a had a great time! Best meal me and my wife have ever had! A bit pricey but worth ever penny. Service was outstanding.

Amazing Alize'  

Your experience here will be memorable! The ambiance will astound - the food will amaze - the service impecable!

Awesome Experience Excellent Food  

The service, food and ambiance was amazing. It was 16 of us and my two friends enjoyed celebrating their 40th birthday at Alize. The menus were customized with their names, the food was outstanding we had an awesome time. I would definitely go back again in the future.

Just Perfect  

Dinner for 4 - just perfect.

Alize was great.  

From the moment we were greeted downstairs to the end where all the crew shook our hands, this place was beyond excellent. Our crew of Captain Jose, Handsome Jack and Freddie Mac(not real knicknames but Jose, Freddie and Jack were the real names cannot remember last names) were superb. All questions about food and beverages were answered and they were quite thorough and knowledgable. Wine guy was excellent according to the wives, the men had beer. This place is pricey but not over priced. Great job guys!!!

Alize; "Best Restaurant Experience..........Ever!"  

This was a B-day gift for my wife & this made me score major points with her......BIG TIME! This by far this was the best restaurant experience we've ever had in our life much less is our early marriage together. The Service was excellent. The View was a realy great view of the Vegas strip @ night we've ever seen. The food was the best food we ever ate, the way they served you was awesome; made you feel refined & special, atmoshere was just perfect. If i can go back to our food experience to say in my wife's words "Felt like i get an orgasm with every bite" so to say the food was great is an understatement; most we paid for a dinner for 2 @$200 but well........well.......well worth it. Guys if you want to impress your lady Alize is the place to go, give your night out an A+ @ Alize it will be worth it!

Outstanding restaurant  

Outstanding and enjoy the meal!

Excellent restaurant  

Excellent food ... wagyu NY strip steak. Excellent service. Excellent view of the strip. Pricey but worth the treat. Only criticism: one of the other diners was not dressed, in my mind, business casual ... he was in jeans and sneakers. I was disappointed that a restaurant of this caliber still chose to serve him.

A perfect anniversary celebration  

Every course was a treat for our taste buds. The service was beyond compare. We were made to feel so special on what was our 29th anniversary.

Fantastic Special Occasion Restaurant  

We had a wonderful experience. The meal was outstanding, and the service superlative. We were celebrating our anniversary, so they seated us at a table by the window with a great view of the Strip, and ended the meal with a very special surprise.

Worth the Price  

The best meal I've ever had!! Everything was excellent, especially the service!!

The best meal in Vegas.  

My wife and I recently visited Vegas from MA for the first time. It was her 45th birthday and we wanted to celebrate in a special way. We were looking a 4-5 star restaurant. After searching restaurants in the area we came upon Alize and have never been happier. The staff was attentive, the wine, champagne and food were amazing. Worth every penny!


The food was amazing (I had the Dover Sole) and the ambience was just as impressive. The service was also phenomenal. If you want an amazing experience with friends or a romantic evening with someone special, this is the place.

Great place  

Had an awesome time here. Great food and great service.

Perfect Dinner with a perfect View  

Wonderful. amazing. a must try for all who can


I ate at Alize with a group of friends on a girls weekend in Vegas. The staff was very accomidating even though we were an hour late to our reservation. They sat us within 2 minutes. They had a special menu set up for one of my friends birthdays and at the end of the meal brought he a special desert. I started with the escargot- which if you like were very garlicy and yummy. You have to get extra bread to soak up the sauce. For my main course I had the chicken stuffed with crab. DELISH!!!! Juicy chicken, lots of crab, the mushrooms were devine, and the butternut squash I could have had every day for the rest of my life. However, the best thing about this place is its awesome view of the city. What a jem. Serously- highly recommend this place if you like French food and even if you don;t they have something for everyone. Ask for a seat by the window when you make your reservations. Bon appetite!

Wonderful experience, awesome view  

Definitely a great restaurant if you have money to burn or want a lasting memorable dining experience. The service is amazing, the food is incredible, and you won't regret it.

Alize Review  

Great view!


I would highly recommend this restaurant. It had great service, ambience, and the food was incredible. What a view, especially at sunset.

Best Restaurant Ever  

I have had food all over the world, mostly on unlimited expense accounts. This food and ambiance was the best and it was my treat. It was for our anniversary. My wife enjoyed the food, the service, the quiet room, and the view. Can't do better than this anywhere.

The Best View in Town  

One of the good things about Alize not being on the strip is the fact that you are able to view the entire strip from the dining room, it is outstanding! We ordered the five course meal with the wine pairings. Every course was phenomenal and the wine that was paired with each dish was amazing as well! The service was excellent, there was never an empty dish left on the table, and there were several waiters making sure we were taken care of at all times. I would definitely recommend Alize to anyone and everyone!

Class Restaurant!  

Food quality, service, and atmosphere is simply the best. Have visited twice and have been exceedingly please both times. Great place for special evenings -- birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We'll be back.

Alize was fabulous.  

The food was superb, and the view was spectacular. Waiters were attentive. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.


Everything about this place was great. Food/wine was excellent and extensive, and the waiter was great in helping is decide. At no point during the dinner did we feel rushed to finish which meant we could enjoy the unbeatable view for as long as we wanted. Highly recommend this place to anyone.


Best food, best service, best ambiance.

Excellent food, service and view!  

From the time we arrived the staff treated us like honored guests. Private elevator to restaurant and table next to window with views of Vegas started the experience. Food outstanding and unique with beautiful presentation. Our accolades to the chef! Definitely will return when we visit Vegas. Best meal we had on this trip! I had wine, tomato bisque, scallops and we shared two desserts,yum! You won't go wrong with Alize.

Alize Dinner  

We had a fabulous dinner at Alize on Saturday July 2nd. The service, food, atmosphere and view were fabulous. Everyone loved everything they had and I would definitely recommend it.

Would definitely recommend it.  

It was hard to choose a dish as they all sounded so appetizing! I would love to go back again one day as the food was amazing, the service was fantastic, the staff were friendly, and the view was spectacular. I only wish we had a table near the front of the restaurant rather than the back as we couldn't see the nearest part of the strip.

excellent all around  

We had such a great dining experience at Alize. We were waited on hand and foot and the food was out of this world. Would recommend to anyone!

What a awesome meal experience  

The ambiance was excellent. Watching the sun go down and the city light up was a spectacular setting for an even more spectacular meal. We chose the 7 course chef special with wine pairings. All I can say is WOW and BRAVO!!!! The courses were simply to die for. The wine pairings were inspired and our Somlier took time to explain each wine carefully to us and how it was chosen for the pairing. We were introduced to several varietals that we would never have tried if left to our own choices. The inspired pairings enhanced an already spectacular dining experience. We can't wait to return. 

Room at the Top  

Alize restaurant combines creative, artfully presented food with the panorama of Las Vegas stretching out before you. Begin with cocktails or fine wines by the glass as the sun is setting. Continue with a variety of French-Fusion entrees. Revel in the lights below as you savor unique desserts that defy gravity. It's a place you'll want to revisit.


I recommend a window table and to eat at dusk. Seeing the city in day light and then turning to night really set the mood. The food was fantastic and the service was peaceful and wonderful. As soon as there was a thought in my head about was coming next the waiters were right there. They weren't hovering around being a pest but, were there at the perfect moment.


Not only was the service and atmosphere beyond outstanding, the food and drinks were perfect!

must eat here!  

Food was amazing! Will go back...worth every penny.

must eat here!  

Food was amazing! Will go back...worth every penny.


Best all around dining experience ever in Vegas for us.


We "thought" we had experienced the best food in Las Vegas on other trips until we went to Alize this past week. Truly outstanding. Everything was so good we all tried each other's food! Presentation was beautiful and the food ranked with the best we have ever had anywhere in the world! Can't wait to go back on our next trip to Vegas! 

Utter excellence  

Alize was the best restaurant my wife and I have been to. We went there to celebrate our Anniversary and couldn't have been more impressed. The wine, main course, dessert, were all simply perfect. The service, food, and view were amazing.

Top Notch  

If you are looking for a memorable meal, this is your place. From the private elevator leading to the restaurant, to the wine and spirits list that you order from an IPad, Alize has class written all over it. The staff was the best I've ever encountered, and were helpful and friendly. When I cracked a few jokes to lighten the mood (this is not my usual dining crowd) they played right along and gave off more of a fun loving vibe. The food was one of the best meals I've ever had. The combinations of flavors, textures, and colors were stunning. I'd recommend Alize to anyone in search of a memorable meal while in Las Vegas.

Special night in Vegas  

If you are looking for an amazing dinner with an amazing view with a romantic setting...great choice!

A great choice to celebrate a special occasion  

I chose Alize to celebrate my wife's birthday. The food was spectacular, the view was incredible and the service was excellent!

Perfect Wedding Anniversary Celebration  

Starting from the personalized greeting at the entrance to the dessert, we enjoyed every moment. It was a wonderful choice.

Alize is second to none  

From the manager to the breadman Alize is out of this world!! Food is to die for as is the view. I proposed to my girlfriend there and the entire staff helped me pull of the surprise to perfection. Wine list is extensive and sommelier was very knowledgable. The view is the best I've ever seen. Be sure and ask for a window table!! Ten thumbs up Alize!!!!!

Great Anniversary  

Beautiful View. Above and Beyond service! Delicious food! The pork belly was incredible! Perfect Anniversary with special touches. Will be back

awsome food and service!!  

Food was awsome!!!! and service was amazing too!!! You should visit if you are planning to have a romantic dinner.. it has the best view!!


Absolutely outstanding, from start to finish!


Simply put? Outstanding. Food was amazing. Service was prompt and courteous. And for the price. Can't beat it.

Par Excellance  

The very best restaurant in Las Vegas.

Great Dining  

We spoil ourselves only a couple times a year and Alize is worth going to everytime. The food and wine pairings world on the mark and they staff couldn't have been nicer!


From the moment we stepped off of the elevator, it was the perfect evening. We were greeted by name and as I had requested when I made the reservation, we were seated at a romantic table for 2 by the window - what a gorgeous view!!! The staff was great - very professional and helpful. The amuse bouche was so fresh and delicious! I ordered a 3 lb lobster, which they steamed - usually a lobster this large could be tough, but this was tender and just right! And they did all of the work for me, so all I had to do was eat and enjoy - which I did!! We finished with a fresh fruit sabayon which was light and large enough for 2 to share!! My only regret was that we missed lunch and ate a snack late afternoon before dinner and didn't have enough room in our stomachs to try some of the delicious cheeses!! Next time, I'm going to make sure that I have plenty of room in my stomach so I can order the cheese tray and my own dessert!! We left there full and extremely satisfied!! We can't wait to return to Vegas, if only so we can return to Alize!! It was the perfect dinner and a very romantic evening!!!!

Fabulous French Food!  

My husband and I are in our 50's and go to Las Vegas every couple of years. We try to eat in a new place each time we visit, however, we will definately be going back to Alize - our new favorite. The waiters were excellent, and the ambiance was fabulous. No one rushed us at all, even though there were people waiting for tables. The food was so good I wanted to lick my plate (I had the rack of lamb - to DIE for!). The prices are not low, however, the quality of the food and the service are so good that you really do not mind paying whatever they charge!

The Best of the Best  

Entering the restaurant, you are nearly overwhelmed with the magnificient view of Las Vegas and the ambiance of the restaurant itself. The wine selections and menu meet any desire for french cuisine. My guest and I chose the 5 course meal with wine pairing. Every course and every wine was perfect in every way. The service was what you would hope and expect from a Michelin rated restaurant; you can't help but be impressed. While not inexpensive, you get the quality, service, view and ambiance you paid for. I highly recommend this restaurant. It gets a perfect score all across the board.


The food, service and view were superb.

Alize is a Las Vegas Must.  

No better restaurant in Las Vegas, great food and service and the atmosphere is just fab.

A superior dining experience  

A very professional staff makes this restaurant a true pleasure to visit. Every course of the meal was flawlessly executed. Jose, the Wait Captain, was fabulous in his attention to detail and superior knowledge of the menu and the wine list. Dine here and you will come away happy.

Over and above  

The view, the service, the quality of the food was all over the top. Would absolutely recommend this gourmet restaurant to anyone visiting the LV area. I suggest the filet mignon, the best steak I ever had. Desset was outstanding as well.

Wonderful Food!  

Everything about this restaurant was wonderful. The food was spectacularly prepared, the service staff was wonderful, and the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic night out. Cannot recommend it enough. If I ever return to Vegas, I will be returning to Alize.

Wonderful Food!  

Everything about this restaurant was wonderful. The food was spectacularly prepared, the service staff was wonderful, and the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic night out. Cannot recommend it enough. If I ever return to Vegas, I will be returning to Alize.

Wonderful Food!  

Everything about this restaurant was wonderful. The food was spectacularly prepared, the service staff was wonderful, and the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic night out. Cannot recommend it enough. If I ever return to Vegas, I will be returning to Alize.

Wonderful Wedding Diner  

Everybody was impressed. A wonderful view and serving. A little bit expensive (considering my income), but it was worth it.

Birthday dinner  

I booked another well known restaurant in Las Vegas on December 6th for January 30th, to celebrate my birthday. At 5.30 pm the restaurant called and cancelled our booking for that same evening.  Alize came to our rescue at very short notice, The manager greeted us and took us to a great window table, the service was sublime, matched by the food and wine, everything first class, I frequently eat in Michelin starred restaurants and this dinner was as good as it gets. We wont let the bill spoil a good meal.

wonderful dining experience.  

If you get a chance, dine at Alize while in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is very relaxed and no one is rushing you out. The food is superb and done to your request. I had filet mignon that was cooked perfectly. The desserts are a wonderful ending to the meal.

Dinner at Alize  

Made reservations in advance since it was an anniversary and wanted to try this restaurant while in Vegas, requested a table with a view and were happy with table assigned. Nice ambiance, attentive waiter. We didn't try the 5 or 7 course dinners instead ordered Phyllo Wrapped Anjou Pear and the Escargots de Bourgogne for appetizers; Dover Sole Amandine and the 3 lb. Maine Lobster Thermidor for dinner. Both excellent choices and very generous portions. We compare it to the Eiffel Tower Rest and they are very similar, the portions here are bigger but the general ambiance at the Eiffel Tower is for our taste more 'cozy'. But overall a great experience; keep in mind, like all upscale restaurants in Vegas it is expensive but worth trying it at least once...

Outstanding Restaurant  

This was our first visit and we didnt know what to expect. We were greeted right away and were taken to our table. The restaurant was very nice as well as the view. The wait staff was very attentive to us. The food was outstanding! I have never had a meal that tasted this good! Our food was prepared perfectly! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone!

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