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Smoke on the Water...in Your Cocktail?

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Julie Vukovich
December 11, 2008

An ice cube that’s not just frozen, but smoked? It may seem hard to believe but a new trend being seen more in restaurants and bars is smoked drinks and even smoked ice cubes. How does one smoke an ice cube? According to Daniel Shoemaker, an owner of the Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Oregon, it is a simple process. It’s done by placing a block of ice on a perforated pan, which is then set above an unperforated pan and set inside a smoker. Using cherrywood smoke, the ice is melted and gathered in the unperforated pan. The smoke-infused water is then refrozen into a new block of ice, which is then hand-cracked and used in cocktails. This innovative new touch to Shoemaker’s cocktails has made his cocktails one-of-a-kind creations.  Shoemaker is not the only one experimenting with smoke or smoke flavors in drinks, though. Bars in many places are following this trend:  the smoking methods they are playing with include pouring whiskey into an open metal pan over a wood fire and adding smoked salt around the rim of certain drinks.

Jonathan Miles, New York Times staff writer, explains this trend in more detail here:

Smoke on the Water...in Your Cocktail?

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